Ratio iDive Free Sport Edition

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New iPTM Algorithm for TARAVANA prevention. Automatic Recovery Time calculation

The iPTM is the rst algorithm to calculate the recommended minimum recovery time between one free dive
and the next one, to reduce the risk of Taravana.

  • Tissue Saturation Factor (Calculate by using the buhlman ZHL-16 compartments, considering the dive time, dive depth, decents speed, ascent speed and dive shape)
  • Hypoxia Factor – (Depth & Duration of the previous dive)
  • Dehydration Factor (Number of dive done, depth and total dive time)
  • Free diver’s behaviour (Respect of recovery time from the previous dive and set conservatism.

Prevention for Hemoptysis and Pulmonary Oedema

Set the depth, the iDive Free will let you know how to get there.

You just have to set the depth you want to reach and the iDive Free will guide you during your rst three dives, to prepare your lungs’ capillaries and reduce at minimum the risk of Pulmonary Oedema and Hemoptysis.

Training Stopwatch.

A full screen Stopwatch to clock your apnoeas.
With two stopwatch times to track your performances.

Session data averages

A dedicated screen for all the data of your session:

  • Max Depth
  • Max apnoea time
  • Average Depth
  • Average dive time
  • Average surface time

Always available during the freedive session.

Freediving dedicated alerts

A full range of free-diving dedicated alerts,

  • Depth alert
  • Time alert
  • User settable Depth goals alerts
  • Depth goals alerts by user settable steps.

Extra App.

  • 3D Compass
  • Fitness Function
  • Weather Forecast
  • Usb Rechargeable Battery
  • Scuba Mode


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